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About MyGoalTracking

Our primary goal is to support a community of professionals working in the auto-industry that are focused on success.

Auto dealers are struggling. All across the country, dealers are closing, cutting costs, and cancelling contracts with third party technology providers. We believe that trying to "save money" by eliminating customer-centric tools from a dealers budget is a mistake. However, we do understand why this may be necessary. We are here to help. We offer our community members powerful Follow-Up, CRM, ILM, BDC, Social Networking, and other web-based tools to grow their database of customers, increase CSI, and increase sales.

Our community-based system is designed specifically for Sales Professionals and Dealerships. Getting involved helps professional individuals, small organizations, and large enterprises establish and maintain a consistent and effective customer sales and follow-up process. MGT members have a genuine concern for total customer satisfaction. So do we.

MyGoalTracking members are all over the United States and work in new and used dealerships, large dealerships, small dealerships and giant organizations. MGT is accessed via standard internet browsers and mobile devices. The MGT community has been called a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, a Lead Management System, a Follow-Up Tool and many other things. We are not concerned about what our community is "called" - we are concerned only with providing the most efficient, useful, and easy to understand technology tools in the industry.

Complexity does not lead to efficiency or increased performance. We know this. We recognized years ago that providing flashy, ultra-modern, feature packed systems for our customers did not increase sales, improve performance, or help establish a consistent process. Participating in the MyGoalTracking community is uncomplicated.

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