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ADF / XML Format is an Industry Standard
Auto Data Format is the standard data delivery format for the automotive industry. Formatted leads are distributed via email and the contents of the email are formatted like the example below. This basic samle shows what the body section of a TEXT email (not multi-part, not html) would look like if it were formatted in ADF / XML.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <?ADF VERSION="1.0"?>
        <id sequence="uniqueLeadId" source="name of promotion"></id>
        <vehicle interest="buy" status="used">
          <name part="first" type="individual">Johnny</name>
          <name part="last" type="individual">Customer</name>
          <phone type="home">857-485-7485</phone>
          <phone type="work">867-586-7584</phone>
          <phone type="mobile">979-685-9685</phone>
        <comments>What is your best price?</comments>
            <name part="full">Name of lead provider or web-site</name>
            <phone type="business">857-485-7485</phone>
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